Most Improved Dancer (Winner) Makayla Martin
Most Improved Dancer (Runner Up) Sophie Hahn
Most Diligent Student Award: Kayleen Burley

Congratulations Debra Whitten School of Dance student Kayleen Burley, accepted into Queensland Dance School of Excellence 2010!!

Congratulations Shene Lazarus winner of Logan West Arts/Education Young Star Award!

Congratulations to Shene’ Lazarus who was just accepted into the Queensland Ballet Junior Extension Programme 2010. Congratulations Shene’ Lazarus accepted into the prestigious Australian Ballet School Interstate Programme! Well done Shene and teachers!

Students success with Ballet Theatre of Queensland Casting for Snow White 2009:
Snow White: Maggie Dixon- Best
Dwarfs: Kayleen Burley and Tia Borg
Vultures: Natasha Martin, Grace Clarke, Madelyn Coupe
Nymphs: Lucia Lassman, Shene’ Lazarus, Makayla Martin
Male Dance Roles: Aaron James

Congratulations RAD 1st Session Exam Students what a fantastic group of results, 97% of the students received a Distinction. Congratulations Caitlyn Armstrong 1st Place Classical Solo Redlands Eistedfod 10 Years and Under! What a fantastic Eisteddfod Year!